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Sunday, October 26, 2014

for you

Assalamualaikum :)

 everything happened with a reason.

you..came into my life..its all of sudden actually!

i gave myself a chances to get some love,you as well lah..

 im not a perfect know this much..but i'll try to be the best partner to you.i'll try to be a person who can make you feel comfort when we are together.

im not as good like others but i'll try...try to be the best for you..sometimes mungkin prangai me menyakitkan hati you..but sorry..doesnt mean for it..

want you to know this, i do really love you much.! serious.

 will waiting for you...



Eira Hamzah said...

hye awak.. kembali berbelog jom!!!!

teh o beng said...

tula..terasa nk aktif balik ni..jom naikkan rating blog ! hihi.. @eira hamzah

Eira Hamzah said...


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